Because for some reason this picture reminded me of something I’d see in an American Eagle “Back to School” magazine. [Original]

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Just Friends: Chapter 19

As Dana, Will and Gabe stand chatting with each other on one side of the site, Cole and David occupy the beach chairs with Dalton, who joined us not too long ago, on the other side. In between the two groups, Alex and I lie on the blankets soaking in the sun.

Wow. Everything about this moment right now just feels so.. so right. The way I can just chill with my closest friends, both from my old life in San Diego and my new life here in Los Angeles, is how it should be all the time.

Too bad that when Dalton arrived, he informed us that Laina has some family thing that she can’t get out of, which means Cassidy can’t come either since Laina was her only ride.

That aside, things are all going pretty well when Alex quickly jabs me in the shoulder.

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YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :* :* :* :* :* HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!

Lol sorta kinda! i just took my page off private but i haven’t really posted anything yet.. tbh it’s nice that you noticed though :3 thanks!

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I miss youuuuuuuu


I am just one of many actors that you have worked with and you have changed their lives and I am just one of the millions of people around the world that will forever miss you. Rest in peace, Robin. See you in Neverland. – Dante Basco, Rufio (Hook)

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Pst, guys. It’s Shai’s (david-scarzone) 18th birthday today.

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this is just a confession, this isn't hate or anything, but I just wanted to get out my feelings. honestly, I'm jealous of you, I'm jealous that you're so pretty and nice and you make amazing edits and such and I'm just jealous that I can't do any of that. this isn't meant to put you down or make you feel bad for me, but I just wanted to get my feelings out. you're an amazing person

Aw, well thank you for this! so sweet of you

Um, y’all make alot ‘a money or something?

(Semi-inspired by..)

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LOL yeah he definitely said he was 5’6 anway! i just found the tweet. i didn’t mean 6’ btw! but i guess 5’9 was still high-balling it huh lol

Mmmmk cool that settles that lol